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Experience Design (XD)

Experience design

Experience design (XD) is the practice of designing products, processes, services, events, omnichannel journeys, and environments with a focus placed on the quality of the user experience and culturally relevant solutions. Experience design is not driven by a single design discipline. If you want to learn more let’s talk.


Re Studio

Design, Visualization, and 3D Animation services for anyone in the creative industry: Architects, designers, engineers…

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Modeo Systems

modeo is a modular furniture solution that allows you to create custom furniture quickly, then modify it, move it and upgrade it anytime as much as you want, like if you’re playing Lego.

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Emile Arayes

Emile Arayes is an Architect and Entrepreneur. He Believes in the power of multi-disciplinary design, where art and technology meet. He Graduated in 2009 from The Lebanese University and Founded 2 companies, Re and Modeo systems. Emile is also a part-time instructor at Notre Dame University in Lebanon.

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